yoga does a body good

Yesterday, I decided I needed to get a GOOD stretch in. I wasn’t as sore as I thought, or dying  haha.

Sunday night, I made sure to ice everything! ankle, hip, knee. CHECK! while watching the Cardinals game, and checking emails

Monday, was all about relaxing. I took Andrew to school. Laid in bed while I iced everything, again. And check millions of emails. It was the perfect rainy day to do nothing!

Then it was time for yoga!

And  boy did yoga help!

After I did Day 1, I still wasn’t over stretching. So I went to youtube, and found this music.

It was heavenly, and I’m feeling a bit better too

Question for you:

Yoga, do you love it?

-I used to think if you weren’t sweating you were getting a good workout. Now I know the truth. The video I did today was definitely more of a stretch, I didn’t sweat, but it still felt SO GOOD!

6 thoughts on “yoga does a body good”

  1. I love some yoga! I am still in too much pain from the race to try it and tomorrow I get my boot! Maybe in the morning, I can try some stretches before my ankle is immobilized. My favorite Yoga DVD is Gaiam AM yoga. Its a nice stretch to wake you up or just release tension!

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