Happy Halloween

After a lot of sleep, spending time with Andrew, talking with Mr flowers, and relaxin’ I feel a million times better!

Now on to Halloween!

Andrew’s costume came together in no time!!

We then headed over to show the family

And time to head out!

Andrew and I had a blast and had a great time together

These were some of my favorite decorations

This was Andrew’s

In St lOuis you have to tell a joke, and then they give you candy. Did you have to tell a joke?

Question for you:

DId you dress up for Halloween?
what was the best costume you saw?

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. I love the joke thing…we just say “trick or treat”. And i won’t hand out treats to the un-costumed!
    We are celebrating halloween on monday as a state due to no power in many parts because of the hurricane. To dangerous without street lights and house lights!

  2. The best costume I saw this year was an Umba lumba from Charlie and the Choc. factory. It was homemade and the boy’s face was painted orange and hair spray painted green. It was awesome.

    Your son looks cool. I love Halloween!

  3. Cool costume! Looked warm & he was able to see 🙂 I took my 5-yr old nephew trick-or-treating which got me “off the hook” for dressing up. Happy Friday!

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