Miss Missouri 2013

Hey everyone! sorry I have been MIA. My life has either been SUPER crazy, or includes staying home with a sick kiddo. Nothing to blog about there.

Anyway, a few things while I have been away!

  • I went on a freezing run. And by that I mean, it was 34 degrees, and I had to wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Usually when the months get cold, I head indoors to the gym. But I’ve been bored there, and I was stressed. SO a run was in order!!!!

I wore my Rock n Roll tshirt underneath. The only bad news, was my ankle and knee were bothering me again. BUMMER!

  • My cousin was in the Miss Missouri Pageant. She didn’t win, but this was her FIRST pageant. EVER! Her twin sister dared her to enter, and was choosen. She was sponsored by one of the hotels here in St Louis. CRAZY!

She looked beautiful!

Picture with my cousins

And my mom

She was doing this just for fun, and looked so at ease!

  • The big move will MOST LIKELY happen this week. A lot of stress has come from Mr FLowers delayed move. (not his fault. but stress nonetheless)

  • I shared these pictures with my mom, who at 55years old, still is dealing with some NOT SO NICE friends.

friends quote

#quote Life is too short to fight and argue. Count your blessings, value your friends and move on with your head held high and smile for everyone.  (Taken with Instagram)

Question for you:

Running outside or sticking with the gym?

Have you ever been in a pageant?

5 thoughts on “Miss Missouri 2013”

  1. Sorry my little buddy wasn’t feeling well! Hope he’s recovered and on the mend…glad you were having fun while you were MIA, too!

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