what day is it?

Doesn’t everyone just LOVEEEEEEE election day! I was so happy everyone on facebook reminded me to vote haha

(ps. I can’t wait for the calls, and facebook rants to end!!)

My day started with a trip to the gym for muscle works. I was sore before the class even ended. SCORE!

Then it was time to vote!

Or so I thought. It was leaf pick up and street cleaning day. I had to wait for the big trucks to move. I JUST WANNA VOTE!!!

I hope you all voted as well. I don’t care who, or why, or what you voted for, just that you got out there!

Question for you:

Love classes at the gym? or hate them?

3 thoughts on “what day is it?”

  1. I think that if I went to a class at a gym, someone would get hurt. My coordination and ability to follow along just don’t work…I’m better off just running in a straight line for a really long time. I do enjoy doing my workout DVD’s. No one gets hurt!

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