Well, its time for Christmas

I’m sure most of you have noticed the Christmas commericals and decorations showing up in all the stores. (I mean really. Can we wait a little bit)

Two years ago, I had all my shopping done before thanksgiving. It. Was. Awesome.

This year, I already have the list started! wahoo!

And for the first time in FOUR YEARS! I am off BLACK FRIDAY!!!!


(last years shirts)

I might need some pointers from the veterans.

I absolutely LOVE thinking of what people in my family would really enjoy. But I won’t spoil it!!! eek! so excited!!

Anyway, happy Wednesday

Question for you:

Have you started christmas shopping?

Do you shop on black friday? shop online? wait to the last minute?

5 thoughts on “Well, its time for Christmas”

  1. Glad you’re off and can do black friday shopping! We used to do it but I don’t think I am this year because I moved to a bigger city so it’s more hectic. Always had fun though. Probably will do everything online now :). I plan to start Christmas shopping while we are on our cruise next week, souvenirs and Christmas at the same time!

  2. Its a tight budget this year so there won’t be much shopping 😦 I do love thinking of gifts for people also! But I have a lot of people I *have* to buy for that don’t appreciate the thought anyway. I love Christmas but some people are really Scrooges!

    And you are crazy, I will be safe and warm in my house on Black Friday.

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