I haven’t really been on a vacation (I do need one!) I have just been running around. And I have either been too busy, too boring, or trying to relax to blog. I am still keeping up on my fellow bloggers!

Today, I started with yoga 🙂

My favorite pose was pigeon pose. I took a muscle works class yesterday,and I needed a good stretch!

I headed to Sam’s

And I was out of cinnamon!!! can you believe it!!!

In the afternoon, I got my hair cut, ate dinner at my parents, and had boyscouts with Andrew. Im exhausted!


Question for you!

What is your favorite spice?

What is your favorite yoga pose?

3 thoughts on “VaCaTiOn”

  1. Put on your Ruby Slippers, click your heels 3 times…

    Favorite spice? Hmmm…I do tend to put cinnamon in almost everything, but I also love cilantro (technically an herb, though, right?),

    Yoga…pigeon is a good one, I do enjoy that, there have been days when child’s pose is also a good one! I think I could rattle off ones I “don’t prefer” better!
    Have a great weekend…

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