If the shoe fits

During the Rock n Roll half marathon, my knee and ankle were giving me LOTS of trouble. I had to walk the last 6 miles. Then I tried again just for three miles. And it didn’t hurt at first, but 2 miles in. There it was again, the pain.

The location is right below my knee cap, and then on the inside of my ankle and down the side of my foot.

(obviously! not my leg haha)

Today, I was talking to my friend Jill, who has her doctorate in physical therapy, and when I mentioned pain while running, she had me sitting, standing, walking, and running all over the house. haha.

She wanted to see if I was over rotating, or maybe she was trying to make me look goofy.

Either way, she thinks it is because of my shoes.  Because of my tendon elasticity (double jointed), I have an increased risk of straining or pulling something. But I love my shoes! The Reebox Reflex are amazing! And I only got them a year ago!

Well apparently they don’t have much arch support (this I knew) and I might be rotating my knee inward, which is causing strain on my knee and ankle. She said the most likely cause of knee and ankle pain can most likely be your shoes.


I guess I will try a run without my Reebox 😦

She also gave me some exercises to try to strengthen my legs. (they are weak popsicle sticks! haha)

Question for you:

What type of you shoes do you love?

Do you have to have “special” shoes for your runs?

7 thoughts on “If the shoe fits”

  1. Yeah… if you’re running in those shoes when you got them a year ago, and have done a half marathon in them, you probably need a new pair. I own that pair of shoes (won in a giveaway) and am not a fan… I really love my Mizuno Wave Precision, I would try the lightweight Mizuno or Brooks shoes if I were you, they are as light as the Reeboks but much better support and more made for serious distance runners and working out :).

  2. I never thought finding the “right” pair of shoes was key until I did find the right pair! I’m a huge fan of Newton’s for running & Nike’s for cross training. Good luck finding your perfect fit!

  3. The right shoe is huge! I would suggest going with someone who is knowledgeable, or going to a GOOD running store and have them evaluate your gait, injury issues etc. keep track of how many miles you put on them and replace at the recommended level. When I retire my shoes, they still look new, but the tread is worn and I start to get achy… Also check out the Runner’s World recommendations for shoes for your type of foot/gait. They are usually pretty reliable. I’ve tried Mizuno, Brooks, Nike and have now been running in Saucony Pro Grid Ride for at least 5 years. Love them…

    1. I was fitted for shoes, and they told me I could use any of them (that was before reebox reflex though. I choose those on my own) But I think my legs are getting weak and are way too bendy. hopefully I can get to the running store soon.

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