Week Two: Skinny Jeans

No, this week I will NOT be wearing skinny jeans. But after kicking booty last week, I am feeling great. I even had my neighbor say how I’m losing weight. Which was really sweet.

The only thing is, the scale isn’t showing any weight lose. BUT my clothes are fitting better!! wahoO!

Today, I needed some down time. Work this past weekend, was extremely stressful. Yoga was on the schedule!

I have a dilemma for the week, I work Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I am heading out of town on Friday morning. So how do I get my  workouts in?

Question for you:

What workouts do you have plan for this week?

Do you have a goal for the week?

5 thoughts on “Week Two: Skinny Jeans”

  1. Before work do some quick push ups, planks, sit ups, jumping jacks…something for a quick 10 minutes. Then while you are away you can do the same, or go for a walk. You can do it! Make time for it even if it is only 10 min. You are important enough to make the time for yourself.

    Oh, and have a GREAT trip!!

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