2 WHOLE hours

A few days ago, I discussed my workout dilemma. Well change of plans once again. I am not heading out of town this weekend. I was going to visit Mr Flowers and the girls, but a few things came up. (don’t worry. everything is fine. no worries)

(here is a workout I found online)


So instead, I headed to the gym for the butts and guts class. I wasn’t too happy about the class though.

Here is why:

  • The teacher was new. We started the first 15 minutes basically in a steps class
  • She never counted how many we were doing, or when to actually do the exercise (so we had to watch her constantly)
  • The stretch at the end of class only include our arms (in a butts and guts class?!?! im confused)

I really hate to complain, especially since the classes are included in our membership, but I wanted a good sweat session.

After class, I ran into my friend Annie who was going to zumba. I decided to stay for another hour…..


OHHH zumba. How I have missed you.

And you could tell I haven’t done it in awhile, I was a bit rusty! haha

This is one of the dances we did in class, I had a blast with it!


Question for you:

What is your favorite workout lately? running, zumba, bodypump, crossfit?

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