Christmas Spirit

After decorating the house yesterday, my mom, Andrew and I headed out for dinner and to see lights around town.

This house MAYYYY go to a little extreme…


OHH nevermind, this one wins


(fast foward to today)

 Justin the Elf showed up this morning! Andrew was thrilled!


It was also time to pick out the tree!


Now it’s pj time, while watching Four Christmases.

Question for you:

Do you have a favorite christmas movie?

-mine is It’s a Wonderful Life


2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit”

  1. I totally love all of the old Bing Crosby Christmas movies. I can remember watching them as a kid with my grandparents on their Black & White tv. The old B&W “Christmas Carol” was a must as my grandfather’s nickname was “Humbug”… I also loved watching the OLD “Babes in Toyland”. There are many newer ones that my kids love – the Santa Clause ones, of course, A Christmas Story…

    My husband was begging for a blow up lawn ornament yesterday when we were at the store…I said no.

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