Spring cleaning

I finally decided to CLEAN HOUSE! No it isn’t Spring, but it was WAY over do.

THIS was  the problem!


Too many clothes, not enough space.


Some of the clothes don’t fit, others were from my freshman year of college!!!!


I started with two HUGE containers with donate, keep, and a bag for trash


I ended up filling up both!



The closets are now OPEN and I fit in all the clothes in there!! Now I just need to find a place to donate the clothes….

Question for you:

Do you keep clothes longer than necessary?

6 thoughts on “Spring cleaning”

  1. I am such a clothes hoarder… I have clothes from my first job back in 2007, and I’m pretty sure I have a few things from college still. I definitely need to go through my closet and clean it out. I did that when I moved, but it seems like I didn’t really get rid of enough, LOL. I guess I keep saving them in case I decide I want to work outside of my home again, but I know if I did that I’d go out and buy all new stuff anyway. Glad you were able to get rid of some stuff 🙂

  2. I have to do the same thing…My closet looks about the same as yours did…I do have some things that just need to go…I am really good about doing that with my kids clothes, and I usually donate it to the Goodwill Store or the local church’s Thrift Shop, or if I am being lazy, I drop it off at the clothing drop box that goes to an inner-city charity that helps the kids in the inner-city…

    As a matter of fact, I need to do that to my ENTIRE house! Maybe if I ship everyone out for a month (hubs, kids, dogs) I could get it done. Or, just move. Into a smaller house where most of our stuff wouldn’t fit so we’d have to get rid of it. Now, that’s an idea!!! 🙂

  3. i have problems with clothes. I just can’t let go sometimes! I like it when I have someone specific to give it to who can really use it. This last time, I gave it to my niece. She can’t afford to go out and get fun trendy stuff so I sent some of my less loved items her way. She’ll appreciate them more than I was!

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