Scary face and giveaway winner

We have a winner! Amy from ProudPatriot! I sent them your gmail from the blog, and hopefully you will get your goodies soon!

Andrew and I had a busy day that started at the grocery store (at 7am to beat the crowds), making three kinds of cookies at my  parents, and then putting together favors for my cousin’s bridal shower next weekend.

Of course, there was only ONE picture taken today, and Andrew took it of me…..


THis would be my scary face haha

Question for you:

How are you spending your weekend?

Ready for Christmas?

1 thought on “Scary face and giveaway winner”

  1. Hmmm… yesterday we cleaned a lot and went out to lunch, today we are doing last minute Christmas shopping then going to the gym. That’s pretty much our weekend, hehe. Nice and relaxing before we head to see Clay’s parents’ tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be checking my gmail to hear from Sambazon soon.

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