Merry christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

From santa i got a nook!!!!!!” This is my first (and probably only haha) blog from my nook. Unless i can figure out how to upload my pictures from my camera.

I hope you all have an amazing day with family and friends! Andrew and I just opened presents And had a big breakgast of eggs, strawberries, biscuits, and hot chocolate (coffee for me. Since santa didnt go to bed till 11 last night)


Question for you:
How are you spending your morning?

6 thoughts on “Merry christmas”

  1. Ooohh…enjoy your Nook! I love mine…as you know! Which one did you get? I bought one for my parents (Nook Color) and Santa brought one for one of my daughters (Nook HD)…Little known fact…Free Fridays! There is a free title on Fridays…go to shop and click the bar “chosen just for you” and one of the pages will have the free book. I’ve gotten a bunch of decent books that way. And if I don’t like it, it was free so I don’t care! πŸ˜‰

    Have a wonderful day and give Andrew lots of hugs from us!!!

      1. I think that you can load some books to friends, it might be for 2 weeks. I haven’t tried yet, but most certainly! I have about 40 books! I’d love to share those that are shareable!!!

  2. Have fun with your Nook :). We just ate lunch with Clay’s parents and opened gifts, it was a lot of fun with tasty food but mostly just about family togetherness. Sounds like you and Andrew had a great day!

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