Where have you been?

Well, I have been still hear and still reading up on everyone, but my computer decided to give me lots of trouble for weeks now. (when it turns on it goes to a blue screen. Of course, I take it to my parents and it works for my mom what the?!?!)

When I came into work today, and Amanda said “Why haven’t you been blogging?!?!” I realized I have missed you guys and blogging, I just need a new computer haha. But hopefully it will start working for me! (and not just my mom haha)

Tomorrow, I plan on updating the blog on Christmas!

Question for you:
What did you get for Christmas?

How did you spend your holiday?

2 thoughts on “Where have you been?”

  1. I got new cold weather running gear! Can’t wait to try it out…still waiting on MRI results…
    We stayed home and hung out a lot. I sent 2 of my girls away for a few days with grandparents, and I was SO glad school started up again!!!
    Missed you! Get that computer fixed!

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