Christmas family pictures

The whole family got together for Christmas pictures a few weeks ago. We have been taking pictures since I was about 6 years old

Here is a behind the scenes shot. My mom takes the pictures, we smile and act happy



This was the picture my mom sent out

Christmas Card

(here is the picture we sent last year)

Andrew and I sent this picture

Christmas Card Kristen

(here is the picture of me and Andrew last year)

All in all, I think it took about an hour. Which is great timing for all the individual pictures and group pictures we took together.

Question for you:

Do you send out a card or Christmas picture to family and friends?

3 thoughts on “Christmas family pictures”

  1. We send out cards but no pictures. Maybe next year, or one year, we’ll do pics- especially with some of the insanely cheap deals you can find on picture cards these days. Your pics all look great!

  2. We did a picture collage card this year. Last year we did one with all of us in one shot – it was horrible! I like the collage for us better…We usually do a letter too, but this year it got to be too late so I said, “Next Year!”…and let it be at that!
    Love your picture this year…Andrew looks so handsome!

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