Too much?

Alrighty. I think we are all caught up with Christmas of 2012. And nothing to update you with New Years Eve because I was working, and sleeping when the clock hit midnight (no biggie for me, I’m not big on that holiday)

Anyway, I have so EXCITING news! Mr Flowers and I are planning a trip. Just. The. Two. Of. Us!!!!! It will be at the beginning of next month. I happen to be off work the same weekend as his birthday (Luck? I think so!)  Today, I did a lot of planning for things to do, and lots of book downloads. Our plan is to sleep (ALOT!) and relax. DONE and DONE!

Other exciting news, we got Andrew’s derby car ready for the boy scout race this Saturday.


My brother and Andrew did a great job.

Andrew also got a hold of my computer, and I now have a new background (I’m sure Angela is loving this!)IMG_0820And now he wants a cat………

On a more serious note, one of goals for some time now, has been to disconnect. And here is whyIMG_0816Ipod getting charged. Webcam to skype with Mr Flowers. Computer and nook. Even with all these electronics, I think I have been doing a good job of getting away  when Andrew is home. After bedtime, its all about me and my nook. I LOVEEE IT!!!

new years resolutions coming soon

Question for you:

What is some of your favorite books?

How do you disconnect from the world?

3 thoughts on “Too much?”

  1. I’m not good at disconnecting. I have my 2 phones (one mine, one for a job I do) with me all the time. I check emails, texts, answer calls all day/evening. I do enjoy quiet time with my Nook, too…in fact, I’m getting ready for a Nook date right now…putting kids to bed, hubs is in Disney, so it’ll be me and the 2 dogs curled up on the bed reading for an hour before I crash!
    Have a fantastic trip with Mr. Flowers!!! Can’t wait to hear about how relaxing it is!!!

  2. I have been feeling overwhelmed by my blog lately and have wanted to disconnect also. I’ve decided to limit my time on computers now but sometimes that doesn’t happen because school work still needs to get done! But I’ve rediscovered my Kobo (e-reader) and am catching up on my books! (All classics – midway through Anna Karenina). Sorry, I have no book recommendations for you because I usually only read classics! So.. Pride and Prejudice?

    Have a great trip with Mr. Flowers!!

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