Out with the old

Today, I said goodbye to an old friend.


Delight Iced Coffee has been my GO-TO coffee for months now. (yes I know it’s cold outside)

The new plan does NOT include delight iced coffee, so I had to break this bad boy out again!


To my morning cup, I had some whipping cream and 1 tbsp of vanilla coffee creamer(only 5 carbs)


And now I’m ready to go!

Question for you:

What is your GO-TO coffee? or morning drink?

5 thoughts on “Out with the old”

  1. Gradually I moved to drinking it black…now I just love the real rich flavor of the coffee! You might get there someday…as your taste buds change by eliminating the sugar and carbs, you’ll enjoy things differently…sweet will be too sweet and you’ll favor the more savory flavors Good for you on ditching the “old friend”…twas not a true friend!!! 🙂

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