What are these for? Avocado HELP!

After working five 12 hour shifts, it is time for a break! I am now off till Monday WAHOOOOOO.

I came home and celebrated with this delicious burger IMG_0853

Then I saw these guys staring at me………


When I headed to the grocery store last week, I basically just hung out the veggies, fruit, and meat. So I grabbed them to see what I could make.

Now I just let them sit. So I need your help. What should I make?

I found a few recipes:

-OMGpaleo had pineapple guacamole w/ sweet potato chips

Chocolate pudding ????? with avocados….

ModernSkillet has a great chocolate smoothie

-I would definitely try this avocado bacon salad

Question for you:

What is your favorite recipe for avocados?

3 thoughts on “What are these for? Avocado HELP!”

  1. Oh, my goodness! I’d eat avocado every meal if I could! I love it in salad, mixed with tuna or chicken instead of mayo, spread on a burger or grilled chicken. Cut up with some lemon juice, s/p, chopped onion and used as dip for veggies (red peppers are my fav!) Also totally awesome chopped and mixed with my cabbage/bacon/egg breakfast! Sliced and put in fajita wrap or on top of taco salad…the possibilities are endless!!!

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