Week 3

Well week three results are OK. Not good. Not bad. Just ok.

Weigh in:

  • Week 1: lost 1 lb
  • Week 2: lost 1b!!!!!
  • Week 3: Gained 0.5lb
  • Total: 1.5lbs

It’s not exactly what I was wanting. But considering there has been a lot going on. (especially lots of carbs haha)


Today, a few girlfriends from work and I went to applebee’s for lunch. It definitely kept my mind occupied, instead of staying at home. I also received an email from Tiffany (with LOTS Of advice,love, and support) She also reminded me to keep eating well and working out. So I did make it to the gym today, nothing too sweaty, but at least I moved my body

For dinner, I got a double cheeseburger


And then Andrew made an amazing dessert.


Today, even though things are a beat gloomy, I tried to eat as best I could. And tonight after a good night sleep (HELLLOOO Tylenol PM) I will be getting back on board

tylenol pm

Question for you:

What was something you ate/drank today?

Plans for this Friday night?

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