FB Status love

The other day I was talking about a pet peeve I have on facebook. The status of how much you LOVE your dog, cat, husband, kids, house, car, hair, well you get it.


Well, when I was having a bad,  and I was one of those people……..

“Going to have a good day: gym, lunch with the girls, and later a night with Andrew. (ok. Im trying)”

“You know you have an awesome dad when he talks and texts you about boy issues hahaha.

He always has my back and makes me laugh”

  1. Feeling very lucky…
    Photo: Feeling very lucky...
    “Ice Age and chocolate covered strawberries and bananas with Andrew. Then bed :)”
    So I have decided I am now one of them. I also think I was trying to stay positive and if I say it, then maybe I can foul myself.

    Question for you:

    What do you do/say to lift your spirits?

2 thoughts on “FB Status love”

  1. I love your FB status posts…I’d much rather hear something like what you post then some of what others post (especially when they are negative!). When I am feeling at the end of my rope, I try to stop and just ask God for strength (I learned not to ask for patience, ‘cus then He just gives me more things that try my patience!!!). Or I hold my breath, close my eyes and count to 10!!!

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