Week 4: bummer

This week was not great at all.

Weigh in:

  • Total: 1.5lbs

This week has been alittle rough. cake, stress, no sleep, and that time of the month. Not a good combo.

Today, I did something that I am pretty proud of. All my friends were getting ice cream at lunch, and I  passed. On Wednesday, there was cake at work and I had a piece (THE HORROR!) but then the next hour, my stomach was killing me. I don’t think it liked the sugar (although, it tasted REALLY good)

The only thing bothering me, is I can’t seem to lose weight consistantly. I lose a few lbs, then get it all back. Any suggestions?

Plan for this weekend:
  • Mardi Gras tomorrow. Eat breakfast and lunch at home
  • Gender reveal party saturday afternoon: talk with friends and eat a snack afterwards
  • Boy scout event Saturday night- eat as best I can (they prepare the meal for us)
  • Sunday- I will be home except for church, shopping with my sister in law, and andrew's basketball game at 3pm. So make sure I have snacks packed, dinner premade, and eat healthy at home.

This is the plan at least……. I wish it was a quiet weekend at home, but I think it will be a fun one!


Question for you:

Are you doing anything for mardi Gras?

What are your plans this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Week 4: bummer”

  1. Sorry about gaining :(. It’s been really rough for you lately though, so give yourself some grace. Maybe next week will be better, at least you’re making good choices. It will pay off.

  2. If it’s that time of the month you should be gained 2-5 pounds at least. I always tell the people I work with to never weigh themselves at that time of the month because you are supposed to hold in at least that amount of weight. Honestly, I’d shake this week off and move on to next. 🙂 You have been doing SUCH a good job!

  3. Busy busy! I went out with the girls this weekend which was a lot of fun. I didn’t stay long because Rob was home by himself and I felt bad but still liked getting out of the house for a bit! Otherwise, the weekend just felt too short :-/

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