Nicole’s having a baby!!!!

After a few hours a Mardi Gras, it was time to pick up Andrew, have a wardrobe change, and  head to Illinois for Nicole’s gender reveal party.

I am SO excited for Nicole and her husband Joe. Nicole and I went to college together at SIUE, and now work together in the NICU. And now its time for a baby!!!

We knew we were at the right place!


For a gender reveal party, you come and guess what you think the couple will have. This is the “boy” group. I choose girl. Andrew choose boy


Nicole and Joe had their ultrasound on Friday, when the gender was placed into a card, given to the balloon people at party city……and finally opened at the party!

Getting ready……EEK SO EXCITED!!


IT’s A BOY!!!!!


I couldn’t be happier for the couple! Either way, Nicole and Joe are going to be AMAZING parents. and boys are the best 😉

Andrew and I had to leave a little early to head to the banquet. And our Saturday continues…..

Question for you:

Have you been to a gender reveal party?

If you have kids, do you have boys or girls?

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