The stomach bug has officially struck  again. First me, then my dad, and now Andrew. Last night was ROUGH. He was up every 20 minutes in the bathroom. I think we had one 2 hour stretch and that was it. I was exhausted!

I headed to target to get 7up, yogurt, ice cream, raisin bread, and gatorade. (all the things needed for tummy issues! haha) Thank goodness there is a starbucks IN target!


(Kris is actually what my grandma calls me, the lady must have known haha)

Since 6am, Andrew has been feeling MUCH better. Thankfully because I had to QUICKLY clean the house for a 9am appointment to get my house reappraised.


Not too shabby.

There is a big snow/ice storm here, so Andrew’s school has been called off.


So we are watching cartoons and relaxing. While I catch up, and get some laughs from facebook


And take lots of pictures of the storm

IMG_1070 IMG_1067

I made a BIG warm breakfast (for me. Andrew still has only had 7up and yogurt)


(which was actually at 11am, so brunch haha)

Paleo Pancake recipe to come tomorrow 🙂

Question for you:

What is your favorite thing to do when it snows?

-Andrew and I were going to go sledding, but no such luck 😦

5 thoughts on “bLiZzArD”

  1. Snow?? I ignore it honestly. College in Syracuse, aka land of snow. Now, I just stay home and wait for Rob to get off work (snow plowing).

    And I totally burnt every single one of my banana/egg pancakes this morning. Looking forward to your recipe!

  2. I am glad he didn’t have to miss school, but bummed for him since he couldn’t go out and play! Your big snow is just going to bring us rain 😦 When it snows, after I am done hanging out in the street with the neighbors (it seems like we all head out at the same time to shovel/snow blow) then I like to snuggle up on the sofa with the girls and read or watch a movie with a great big mug of coffee! The shoveling party is my favorite part. We all work together on each other’s driveway, mailbox, front steps, sidewalks. Seems like it’s the only time we all get out together!
    Feel better, Andrew!!!

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