Time for some energy

Holy Moly. What a day. I had a bit of a revelation.

Yesterday, I had a sugar overload. I could NOT stop eating candy at work, and then I had the crash. Then I felt bad. Then I cried myself to sleep. Ok. I didn’t do that, but it made me realize something. I want to eat foods that give me ENERGY!


When I got up today, my goal was to eat healthy, not have the afternoon crash, and not get cranky with Andrew

Breakfast: 2 eggs, sausage, and paleo pancakes

Then I went crazy. Laundry, dishes, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and workout class at the gym. ALL BEFORE NOON!

The rest of the day, before I ate something, I said “Is this going to give me energy? or no?”

I went shopping, and made a green smoothie and brought snacks for the trip haha


Lunch I tried to recreate my Fitz’s Burger.


(tiffany, it was amazing!)

Dinner would be meatballs, and morning glory muffins


Tiffany introduced me to these before the half marathon last year. You can find the recipe here ๐Ÿ™‚

Question for you:

What is your favorite on the go snacks?

11 thoughts on “Time for some energy”

  1. So having a burger for lunch today! Looks awesome! And you already know how I feel about those muffins! Might have to make them for the kids snack when they get home today. Last night I made them some “breakfast bread” for this morning…super easy! From Elana’s pantry…http://www.elanaspantry.com/paleo-breakfast-bread/
    When I was getting the link, she had a recipe for paleo thin mints (think GS cookies!) hmm…might have to check out more of that!
    Have a great day and congrats on making great choices yesterday, girl!!!

      1. I would just use butter or coconut oil. Not sure why it’s vegan. I wouldn’t bother searching it out. I have seen it in my supermarket near the other “organic/healthy/alternative” things in the dairy aisle. Kinda cracks me up since it’s near the faux carnivore stuff. (tofurky hotdogs etc). From a health perspective, I just don’t get veganism…I understand it from the “be nice don’t hurt or eat animals” part, but to me, butter/milk/eggs doesn’t hurt the animal so that I don’t get. I digress…

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