My stomach rejects Valentine’s day

Yesterday started with a valentine’s card (with tattoo!) from Karen, and a kissable frog from Amanda.

I absolutely love this frog. I almost started crying. She is such a good friend to think about me (more on him later)

Then a few hours later, my stomach was not liking me very much. I actually had to leave work early. Which I absolutely HATE doing. And Audra gave me a nice pink bucket to bring home with me just in case. (luckily it went unused)

The rest of the day wasn’t pleasant. Last night I took my temperature with Andrew’s alligator thermometer


Fever 😦

Today, I was able to drink 7up, and a Mcdonalds shake (thanks to my mom!)

Then I started with panera soup in a bread bowl. Which I haven’t had in YEARS. I needed the carbs.


This week I am not doing my weekly weigh in, I’m sure I am down weight but not on purpose haha

On the good side, I have received this from not one, but TWO friends on Valentine’s day.


I saw this little boy on Ellen. And we are now soul mates haha

I also found out that someone is pregnant with twins!!! It is still early so I can’t spill who, but I am SOOOOO excited!!!!

Two years ago, valentine’s day was much better 🙂

Question for you:

What did you do Valentine’s Day?

What is your comfort food when you are sick?

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I am celebrating by being at work, and making some $$, but Andrew and I were able to find a cute valentine’s day card ideas on pinterest

Of course as soon as he saw this one, there was no going back


And they were super easy

IMG_0976 IMG_0977 IMG_0978 IMG_0979 IMG_0981

You can find them here

Andrew was also able to do most of the activity himself, which I think is great for him and me

Question for you:

What are you doing for Valentine’s day?

Time for a banquet

We have survived mardi gras, found out Nicole is having a boy!, and now its time for the Blue and Gold banquet for boy scouts.

By this time in the day, I was completely exhausted. So after our second wardrobe change, it was time to head to Andrew’s school.

We started with church, followed by a few awards, and then over to the gym for dinner and of course, a photo shoot

Funny picture


Ticking to get him to smile


FINALLY a good one!


After dinner (and a few more million awards, speeches) it was time for a presentation by the bird sanctuary

This was the first guy, that got a little scared by all the kids noise and went straight to the ceiling


Pretty owl


This was my favorite


Finally it was 9:30 PM! and time for bed.

I asked God for a busy weekend, and he definitely gave me a fun one!

Question for you:

Were you in boy scouts/ girl scouts?

Nicole’s having a baby!!!!

After a few hours a Mardi Gras, it was time to pick up Andrew, have a wardrobe change, and  head to Illinois for Nicole’s gender reveal party.

I am SO excited for Nicole and her husband Joe. Nicole and I went to college together at SIUE, and now work together in the NICU. And now its time for a baby!!!

We knew we were at the right place!


For a gender reveal party, you come and guess what you think the couple will have. This is the “boy” group. I choose girl. Andrew choose boy


Nicole and Joe had their ultrasound on Friday, when the gender was placed into a card, given to the balloon people at party city……and finally opened at the party!

Getting ready……EEK SO EXCITED!!


IT’s A BOY!!!!!


I couldn’t be happier for the couple! Either way, Nicole and Joe are going to be AMAZING parents. and boys are the best 😉

Andrew and I had to leave a little early to head to the banquet. And our Saturday continues…..

Question for you:

Have you been to a gender reveal party?

If you have kids, do you have boys or girls?

Mardi Gras 2013

Holy Weekend! It was JAM packed for me and Andrew. Between Saturday and Sunday I think we were only home an hour, before finally getting to relax at about 6pm.

Lets rewind for all the fun updates! (soooo much fun, it is going to take a few posts haha)

Saturday morning started bright and early with a BIG cup of coffee at 8am to head to Soulard for Mardi Gras

My cousin Maggie, has a place down there


her sisters and I were there bright and early for the festivities

IMG_0926 IMG_0923

We started with a beer bong tournament (around 9 am. EEK!)



It was then time for the parade at 11am. The streets were packed!



Maggie bought some pretty awesome gloves


I didn’t drink much, I had to leave around 12:30 to head to my next event. To be continued……

Question for you:

Did you do anything for Mardi Gras?

What is the last parade you have been to?

Week 4: bummer

This week was not great at all.

Weigh in:

  • Total: 1.5lbs

This week has been alittle rough. cake, stress, no sleep, and that time of the month. Not a good combo.

Today, I did something that I am pretty proud of. All my friends were getting ice cream at lunch, and I  passed. On Wednesday, there was cake at work and I had a piece (THE HORROR!) but then the next hour, my stomach was killing me. I don’t think it liked the sugar (although, it tasted REALLY good)

The only thing bothering me, is I can’t seem to lose weight consistantly. I lose a few lbs, then get it all back. Any suggestions?

Plan for this weekend:
  • Mardi Gras tomorrow. Eat breakfast and lunch at home
  • Gender reveal party saturday afternoon: talk with friends and eat a snack afterwards
  • Boy scout event Saturday night- eat as best I can (they prepare the meal for us)
  • Sunday- I will be home except for church, shopping with my sister in law, and andrew's basketball game at 3pm. So make sure I have snacks packed, dinner premade, and eat healthy at home.

This is the plan at least……. I wish it was a quiet weekend at home, but I think it will be a fun one!


Question for you:

Are you doing anything for mardi Gras?

What are your plans this weekend?

mr flowers didn’t survive the winter

I guess its time….

I obviously can’t talk about everything that is going on in my life. A girl has to keep some secrets right?!?! 😉

So if we back up a bit… I haven’t seen Mr Flower’s since October (this  is the last time he was here) Even though there has been skype, it just wasn’t the same.

In December, I was suppose to head to Kansas to visit him and his twin girls. The night before, he canceled. There is a lot going on in his life, and I understood. Well it happened again just a week ago. After a lot of thought, prayers, and tears, I realized I wasn’t a priority in the relationship anymore. It has been going on for awhile.


I decided I deserved to be treated better.  It was extremely difficult, especially since I believed that he was “the one”


of course, family and friends have there for me.

My friend Shannon sent me this, just as a reminder that you shouldn’t wait around for the wrong one

Mandy, my sister in law, and I are going shopping this Sunday. A girl always needs to shop

 My dad has been helping me with my house. And my mom has been asking me constantly how I am doing

All my friends have been texting and calling to see how things are going. Amanda is trying to get me out there already haha


Even with all that help…..the songs, my house, food, you know everything, reminds me of Mr. Flowers. I know it will just take time, but it has been really hard. I also need to stay busy and one day I’ll be ready to get out there.

171207223303764336_5bESzeXE_cTomorrow is a new day, and hopefully with each day, I will be stronger and back to my happy self. My biggest  fear is ending up alone. (and I’ll be the old cat lady on the block haha)

I have been going to yoga and working out. Its time to focus on me (and andrew) for a little bit 🙂

Question for you:

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

cauliflower pizza

I have seen the cauliflower pizza recipe around the blog world, I googled it and found these recipes.

It was super easy and really good.

Cauliflower Pizza


  • Crust:
    2 cups shredded cauliflower
    1 egg
    1 cup finely shredded mozzarella cheese
    1 tsp dried oregano
    1/2 tsp garlic powder
    1/4 tsp saltTopping:
    1/2 cup piza sauce or marinara sauce
    1/2 cup finely shredded mozzarella cheese
    topping of choice


1.) Preheat oven 450 degrees

2.) Blend the cauliflower (if watery, use a paper towel to dry)


3.) Mix cauliflower, spices, cheese, and egg


(thanks for the picture Andrew)

4.) Spray baking sheet with cooking spray

5.) Spread cauliflower mix (makes a 9inch pizza)

6.) Spray the “pizza” with spray

7.) Bake for 20 minutes until golden brown


8.) Take pizza out. Put on pizza sauce and toppings.

9.) Turn broiler on in the oven and insert pizza for 3-4 minutes till cheese melted


10.) ENJOY!

No it isn’t the same as REAL pizza, but if you have a pizza craving, THIS is the way to fill it!

Tuesday Eats

I am back in the game! Even though all I wanted to do was stay in bed (and man I was grumpy today)

Instead, I headed to the gym for the 10:00 Muscle Works, but first I started with breakfast


With my favorite fella in the world


I really wanted to stay on track with the food I ate today, so here is my accountability!

Lunch: Pork tenderloin, cheese, and peppers


Snack: Apples and cheese while watching What Not To Wear (later cashews)


Dinner: Cauliflower pizza (recipe to come tomorrow!)


All in all, I had a great day, but I need a bit of an attitude adjustment

Question for you:

What is something you ate today?

What new recipe have you tried?



Birthday, anniversary, Cake Oh MY!

This past weekend, I was lucky to have a few parties to attend and one massage on the calendar (it definitely helped keep my mind off the Kansas trip. Ok. Maybe just alittle)

The celebrations began on Friday night, when Pam (who is like my 2nd mom) came over with wine, kleenex, magazines, and a blanket. She basically ambushed my pity party (for which I am thankful…alittle haha) It was nice to talk things out about Mr. Flowers. I guess I’ll need to update everyone on that sometime soon, a new post maybe…

Saturday was my dad’s 67th bday! (with lots of silly faces)


IMG_0883 IMG_0886 IMG_0888

the night ended with the boys wrestling. boys.....
the night ended with the boys wrestling. boys…..

We had a lot of fun

And ended with our signature confetti cake- DELICIOUS


Then on Sunday, my family celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary!! (along with the super bowl)

super bowl

I of course, only took pictures  of the cake……oops

IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0896 IMG_0900

After this past weekend, even though I worked out, I still had LOTS of cake, ice cream and carbs. Its now time to get back to business.

Question for you:

What is the next birthday party you will celebrate?