Just for giggles

After surviving four in row, crying on the way home from Sam’s (lame), biking for 25 min, yoga for 60, I need something to put me in a good mood. Life has definitely been a little difficult the past month, so without further ado…


Although, I did pretty good today…haha


Cats, just for Angela and Nikki

cat3 cats2

Fitsugar.com has so great stretches to destress



 Not every ecard has cuss words haha


Question for you:

What is something/someone that made you happy or made you laugh today?

4 thoughts on “Just for giggles”

  1. I hope everything is okay over there. This month already feels long (though it shouldn’t). You deserve some destressing days. I have been browsing the pinterest humor section the last hour and that always puts me in a good mood…ha.

  2. Yeah, it’s gotta be stressful for you with all those shifts in a row, and I’m sure going to Sam’s didn’t help (if it’s anything like here, it’s always packed!). I like all the pictures you posted and am going to look at those destress stretches! Looks like something good for me to do during my workday!

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