Shift work and home workout

I’m not sure why, but I just can’t seem to shake out of this funk. I think it might be the gloomy weather and the fact that I just want to go outside!!!

Anyway, I wanted to pass along this article I was sent. It talks about shift work, not only working 12 hours, but always working the night shift. I know a lot of my friends work this shift 🙂 It talks about how working “shift work” can change your body, and what we can do help our body stay in a good rhythm (I don’t work the night shift, but I can still take the advice, especially on getting enough sleep!)



This morning Andrew was suppose to have a friend over, I sent a text to push back the time so I could head to the gym. My gym’s child care times drive me INSANE!  The times are Saturday 8-12 and nothing on Sunday. THATS. IT. I know this might not be a big deal to some (without kids, with a spouse, with older kiddos) but its a big deal here. Basically on Sundays, I can’t workout unless Andrew is at a friends, at my parents (I already ask them a ton!), or with his dad. So if the stars align, I will be at the gym on Sundays haha

I found this on pinterest, and I am going to try this tomorrow


The rest of the day, I am going to try and lift my spirits. I’m just not feeling like myself.

(UPDATE: just realized I didn’t take my vitamin D yesterday, I wonder if thats what my deal was yesterday and today)

Question for you:

How do you fit in workouts?

What is your favorite at home workout?

2 thoughts on “Shift work and home workout”

  1. Your gym only has childcare on Saturdays? That’s crazy… nothing on any other day of the week? Weird. I don’t think ours has Sunday either though but it’s cheap. I think it’s like $2 a visit for the child, lol. My husband worked night shift for years and it really messed up his system, even 6 months after he left that job he was still having trouble sleeping at night and getting up. It’s been almost a year now and he’s finally getting his body’s clock reset to a normal 8-5 job schedule. I’m sure the 12 hour shifts for nurses are pretty similar too.

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