Errands and new TJ finds

The beginning of the week was all about work. And today, I felt like I was hit by a bus (again).

No time to dwell, its time to get moving ! Lots to do: party to plan, food to buy, and house to clean

Do you see what I mean?


No. Andrew is not hidden under there haha

I headed to HObby Lobby, the Dollar store, Sam’s, and Trader Joe’s


Just the stuff from TJs


I found some new things to try!


Later Andrew took my picture.


He said pick up the wine. Maybe he will be a photographer? haha

It might not look like it, but I was gone from 10am to 1:30pm running errands. I was beat.

Question for you:

Which stores do you visit each week?

6 thoughts on “Errands and new TJ finds”

  1. Santa had brought those plantain chips. I liked them better than banana chips (I think because they weren’t sweet) but I was the only one who ate them…I’d get them again, though. I even love the TJ red table wine. It’s the Charles Shaw Beaujolais Nouveau…I never share….the entire bottle is all mine!!!! 😉

  2. Rob and I have a weekly ritual every Sunday. We go get breakfast at our favorite local place, then Starbucks, and then Shop Rite, our grocery store. Nothing fancy! Sometimes we throw in the produce outlet instead.

  3. I go to the Harris Teeter store for most of my groceries and to Earth Fare for the more specialty items. We have Trader Joe’s here but I coupon and they don’t take coupons, which is why I go to the Teeter, I always save so much there! Some Trader joe’s things are good tho, I like the kale chips!

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