New tunes

The past week has been a little rough for me. Basically I have been picking on myself a lot. From the weight lose (that isn’t happening), to being the only one without a boyfriend (yep. im in 5th grade again haha), and a jam packed schedule.

I decided to share a few songs that have been keeping me moving and lift my spirits

of course some country songs…

And andrew’s favorite video right now

Question for you:

what is your favorite song right now?

5 thoughts on “New tunes”

  1. Music does awesome things! I was there awhile ago with being the only single one, hang in there & know you’re awesome! I’m loving Indie & Country right now!

  2. My girls just asked me the other day what my favorite song is right now…I couldn’t really think of one! They LOVE “Cruise” and “Bruises”…those are 2 that always render a “turn it up!” from the back seat… When I am by myself in my truck, I do turn up “1994” by Jason Aldean…I guess you are too young to catch most of the lyrics pay homage to that year. Did make me feel old when I heard that he graduated HS in 1994 which is why he picked that year…oh, well!

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