7 inches and counting

The weather in St Louis is just all over the place


And even after 27 years living here, I am still getting used to it haha


Andrew and I did make it to church this morning, and to a few stores to look at a couch before too much snow


Then we headed outside to make some snow angels



And have a snow ball fight (sorry now pictures, I was really into it. I can be a little competitive like that haha)

Even though I am SOOOO READY for Spring, the snow is really beautiful


Hoping for Easter ASAP and that everyone makes it home and to work safely tonight and tomorrow 🙂

Question for you:

How is your weather?

What is your favorite season?

4 thoughts on “7 inches and counting”

  1. Your Snowmeggon is going to be rain for us, I am afraid. We just haven’t had much snow. But I am quite tired of the rain and cold. It was 28 this morning when I went out for my run! Crazy!!! I enjoy Spring and Fall. Summer is OK as long as it isn’t humid, or I’m at the beach and the breeze is blowing the right direction! Enjoy your snow…and I hope you get a snow day home with Andrew!!!

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