Snow Fort

Happy Monday

After the beautiful snow yesterday, I woke up extra early to plow through it to get to work.

Lucky for Andrew he was able to spend his snow day with my mom and dad

ya ya and Andrew
ya ya and Andrew

They had a blast!

DSC_0137b DSC_0143bc DSC_0142b

My brothers and I always used to make a fort when there was enough snow. One year we sprayed the snow with the hose and made our own bumpy ice skating rink in our back yard

Question for you:

How was your monday?

What did you make with the snow as a kid?


4 thoughts on “Snow Fort”

  1. So much fun! As a kid my brother and I always made snowmen and forts. One year we even took the time to make an igloo using those silly block scoop things! It was really cool when we were done. I think we wanted to stay in it all day/night like Eskimos! My kids like to build snow forts too…they hollow out a spot and build it up…the dogs just eat it.

    We got a slight covering of snow yesterday but it started as rain and ended as rain. Now we just have mushy grass! Glad he was able to enjoy it and you made it to/from work safely!

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