Crossfit workout and Paleo Pancakes

Yesterday’s workout inspired by crossfit and found on pinterest 🙂

I went for another run on the treadmill! Third of the year…impressive…haha

And it went by so fast!



Today’s workout was a Muscle Works class at gym. I felt sore just walking out of there! Can’t wait till tomorrow..

For dinner, Andrew and I stuck with breakfast: paleo pancakes, sausage links, and strawberries


A heart... and not on purpose
A heart… and not on purpose

IMG_1277 IMG_1275

They were SO fluffy, sweet, and delicious. Andrew gobbled right through them

Now time to get the little guy in bed, and stretches for me!!

Question for you:

What is one happy thing that happened today for you?

– Andrew and I made a fort this morning with blankets and pillows

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