Today was definitely a wild world of emotions.

I won’t go crazy with the details, but this weight lose thing, and stress from life (plus little sleep) its been overwhelming. Yep. thats the best way to describe it.

I started with breakfast: 2 eggs, peppers, sausage, and 2 slices of bacon


Snack: cashews

Andrew and I headed out for a few hours to visit a cute baby! This was definitely the highlight of my day (besides playing tennis with Andrew this evening)

Lunch was at 3pm! A huge hamburger, american cheese, bacon, and 1 egg


Dessert: brookside dark chocolate pomegrante


(then a million undocumented cookies from trader joe’s)

So many cookies in fact that I didn’t eat much the rest of the day…

After a cookie overload, and a dressing room disaster…I was two seconds away from crying. Well it happened. My cousin/best friend and I were talking about this weekend, and then I just couldn’t stop. After an hour or so, I was feeling MUCH better!!! And I left with a game plan.

Here is to a GREAT TOMORROW!

Question for you:

How did you spend your Friday?

Is there anything you go “overboard” eating?

6 thoughts on “Overboard”

  1. I always go overboard with ice cream or frozen yogurt, so much that I’m really debating stopping buying it at all and only eating it when I go out. I ate a lot of it last night and yeah, I could tell during this morning’s run. I hope you feel better soon. Those trader joe’s little cookies are addicting and they are tasty but I can see how the calories would add up.

    Those little chocolate covered fruits are delicious though.

  2. Dried figs and dates are my overload food…I can eat the entire package if I’m not careful! I have decided that I just can’t buy them.

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