24 hours kid free

Andrew just left, and this is what has happened since he has left (NOT MUCH! haha)

My message on my computer from Andrew


Kohl’s trip


Going out (since forever…..) Not sure what jewelry to wear….Eeek


Finally put together


Not to shabby

Question for you:
If you have kids: do you have free kid nights?
What is everyone doing tonight?

4 thoughts on “24 hours kid free”

  1. Looking good, girl! We went out last weekend w/o the kids to see a band with a friend. It was fun…now that our girls are getting older and we don’t need a babysitter, getting out is much easier….your time will come!!! Now, we just need to take a vacation w/o kids. That’s much harder. Especially with the dogs…harder to get someone to take kids and dogs!

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