Dukan Diet

Man. I am sore from the leg workout yesterday (workouts to come tomorrow), and then today I headed to the gym for Muscle works ( I might be sore tomorrow at work haha)

Last week, when I was having a really hard time, I caught up with my cousin (who let me cry for about an hour in her kitchen) and we started a plan of attack on my diet. She gave me this book to start


Basically, you eat only lean protein for 2-7  days, then add vegetables, then fruits. But then once you lose weight (and keep it off) you eat a only protein diet one day a week for the rest of your life, then normal the other days. I am using this as a JUMP START and man the first two days have been rough because of that darn carb withdrawl headache haha. But tonight I feel great!

More to come on that soon….

I also tried something new- CHIA SEEDS. (love them)


After dinner, Andrew and I took a walk. the weather here is amazing! I think everything is better with warm weather

Question for you:

Have you ever tried chia seeds?


7 thoughts on “Dukan Diet”

  1. I love chia seeds, too! I stir them into almond butter when I have apples to dip into it! I’ve put them in smoothies too…they make it thick, kind of like gelatin. If you ever read the book “Born to Run” the native South Americans in that book who are the ultimate runners make a “power drink” with chia seeds and water. Pretty compelling evidence of the health benefits!

    1. I think having my friend help as been the life saver. Knowing that she is doing the same thing, and she will be checking on me, makes me stay away because I don’t want to tell her!~ haha

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