New recipes + New Date

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! Mine included the gym, a visit to hold an adorable baby, and odds and ends around the house.

I also found a few recipes to pass along:

New shows on my list:

  • Modern Family. yes I know this has been on forever, my cousin got me stuck on this
  • Along with Nashville
  • who knows, next I might be watching Duck Dynasty haha

I also watched Pride and Prejudice. AGAIN. Its getting ridiculous with Mr Darcy haha. But I will tell you, I have a date Saturday!! EEKK!!

Im sure this is how my dad feels


I signed up for just to see whats out there. (let me tell you, its tough pickings out there!) I just wanted to start getting back out there. So I started to talk to Dan. He is 34 year old, trainer who now manages a Gold gym. He has a 7 year old girl. Is active, healthy, religious, and makes me laugh. The first time we talked for an hour on the phone. Now if I can just get passed his big muscles to form a sentence haha

we have our first date this weekend Ill keep you guys in the loop! It might be interesting

Question for you:
What are some new recipes, shows, etc you have in your life?

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