Filling up the frig

Andrew and I wanted to empty the frig before going on a grocery store trip.


I wanted a fresh start, and to bring in only good stuff!























FRUIT. lonely grapes…(we still have bananas and apples)















This makes Andrew happy haha


Question for you:

How many grocery stores do you visit?

Have you ever tried emptying the frig before another trip to the grocery store?

5 thoughts on “Filling up the frig”

  1. We are totally working on only buying necessities (fresh stuff) and getting everything else out of there. We buy so much and don’t finish it and then we end up buying more. Trying to use all of what we have before buying more!!

  2. My fridge is usually blinding before I hit the store again…we totally empty both the fridge and pantry before hitting it (unless we need to make a “bandaid” run for eggs before a regular shop!)
    Just a few more weeks until we get veggies from the farm again! I can’t wait!!!

  3. Since we’re moving soon, I’m focusing on only buying things we need too, like fresh foods (milk, bread, fruits, veggies, etc). We have a ton of meat in the freezer, tons in the pantry, etc. I’ve also though of doing a grocery buying fast (only fresh things) for a month or so just to use the pantry items.

  4. I need to empty my fridge before going to the store but I never do…I am terrible with grocery store buying because I always buy unnecessary things. I visit all three in Oswego (price chopper, walmart and target) trying to get the best deals. Trying being the key word here.

  5. I haaate going grocery shopping when there is still stuff in the fridge! But sadly it happens way too often. And the “old” stuff always gets lost or forgotten. I’ve been better lately about waiting though!

    And we only hit 1 store and occasionally BJs for things like bulk coffee and paper towels. We only have 2 stores to choose from (but multiple locations) and the one grocery store is super expensive so we never go!

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