Putting workouts on the TO DO LIST

Did anyone notice something missing from my freakishly long  TO DO LIST??


Well, my body wasn’t havin’ it. So this morning, it woke me up at 4am. I laid in bed pondering what to do, try to go back to bed and feel worse in an hour and a half when I wake up, or get moving!!!

Well, time to get moving!

First workout was another pinterest find.


I really like this one because I didn’t get bored. it keeps switching up and you get your heart rate up!

The next was Part II of this workout


A little repetitive for my liking, but it DEFINITELY gets the job done. I was sweating by the end! and I only did the second part!

(if you click the workouts, you will go straight to those blogs!)

My treat, and iced coffee with skim milk 🙂 YUM


This was my top pandora song while working out

Oldie. but goodie. 😉

Question for you:

Morning or evening workouts?

3 thoughts on “Putting workouts on the TO DO LIST”

  1. I prefer morning workouts (and definitely morning runs…I HATE to run at any other time!), however, I don’t mind evening ST workouts….I really need to get back to my evening ST workouts now that I’ve got my morning runs back in control!

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