Andrew’s First Communion

Well I’M BACK!! haha.

After lots of planning, cleaning, cooking, and preparation. Andrew’s First Communion went on without a hitch!

I have a few pictures  to share, but most are on my mom’s fancy camera, so I will be sharing those as soon as I figure out how to get them haha

A few days before Sunday, Andrew mentioned how nervous he was (several times). Not only was he receiving his First communion, he also read a petition in front of a packed church.  He did great for both!


His class was one of the biggest

IMG_1461b(only a section of the Second Graders)

I am SOOOO proud of him


I promise to share party pictures, but after the party, Andrew and I got in comfy clothes and hung out in my room ❤


Question for you:

Did you celebrate First Communion?

If you didn’t, did you have a celebration as a kid?

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