2nd Grade goes rollerskating

There is a tradition at Andrew’s school, that the day after First Communion, the Second graders and their parents go to 8 Am mass to have their rosary blessed, then have breakfast, and go rollerskating.

Let me say we had a blast!


Although getting up at 7am after a full week, and going nonstop yesterday, it was a bit tricky but we made it! Even I got out there!

rollerskatingIMG_1491b 179418_10200457718224101_240532060_n(Andrew is on the far right in the blue)

It is so amazing to see how much they are already growing up….. and a little sad. I only shed a few tears the past few days, but all happy tears πŸ™‚

Question Statement for you:

I remember when Andrew was born, people would say “Be careful, they grow up so fast!” At first, I thought they were crazy, but OHHH BOY were they right!!! I can’t believe that Andrew received his First Communion and each day seems to go by faster than the day before!

3 thoughts on “2nd Grade goes rollerskating”

  1. Love this! Definitely a special experience I am sure πŸ™‚ Also, that’s definitely something that “wouldn’t fit into the public school curriculum” since it lacks educational value. Take out the religiousness of the whole thing, and I don’t understand why 2nd graders shouldn’t be allowed to go on a rollerskating fieldtrip! They are only young once and they can barely have fun in school!

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