Sweaty morning

I decided it was time to start kicking butt again!

And I broke out my favorite weapon.


My Gavin bike has been on many rides with me, a few days ago, I headed to Forest Park.

Next time, I must take pictures on my ride. I even saw a turtle laying in the sun!

There was suppose to be nasty weather on the way (which never happened), and then I met this little fella outside my house eating breakfast haha


Then it was time to clean the backyard. Talk about a nice and sweaty morning before noon!


The rest of the day was spent much more lower key. And luckily the helicopters are gone! WAHOO! haha

Question for you:
Who does the yard work at your home?

What is your “go to” piece of workout equipment?

5 thoughts on “Sweaty morning”

  1. Awesome about getting out in FP! I just called Big Shark today to schedule a tune-up for my bike, can’t wait to get back to riding it. Happy Weekend!

  2. My memories of Forest Park are not that great 😉 I guess I will just have to come back and visit it when I am not running a marathon through it!!!

    Glad you got out for a nice ride and got some yard work done. I mostly do the yard work around here and looks like I need to cut the grass and do some weeding this week! Rain and thunderstorms in the forecast all week for the afternoons…looks like it will need to be done in the morning!

    My go-to exercise is running, so my shoes are my most used equipment. I need to head out more on my own so I’ll make my MP3 player my new friend!!!

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