Starbucks makes everything better

With my cough still hanging tight, I knew I needed to take it easy. I kept my TO DO list pretty short: start packing, mow the grass, go to starbucks.

The worker suggested a Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappucino and it did not Disappoint!

IMG_1571 IMG_1570

Although it was more of a dessert than a drink haha. I used a coupon, and it was perfect for my sore throat 🙂

I also got Andrew a few books for this summer


And treats for me 😦


I had a very off day. I am getting lightheaded easy, and felt worn out, just from helping my dad outside. Hopefully a good nights sleep will help for the long trip tomorrow. I am definitely in need of a change in scenery.

I have a few guest posts this coming week, but I might be stopping in a few times along the way! But mostly I am going to try and disconnect. I am hoping this will help as well.

Question for you:

How do you unwind?

Any big plans for the summer?

5 thoughts on “Starbucks makes everything better”

  1. I need some Starbucks coupons, lol. I live pretty far from it though, so it’s not really worth it. Glad you enjoyed your frappe though! I get them after races and that’s about the only time, it’s like my post-race treat hehe.

  2. I want starbucks!!! I normally go between swim practice and work on Fridays but I decided sleep was too important this morning and didn’t swim! Feel better!!!

  3. Starbucks always helps!! I like to just putz around the house to unwind. Clean a little, watch tv, cook. You would think “go to the beach” would be on my list since I live so close!

  4. I read to unwind…usually a book takes me far, far away! I do enjoy heading to starbucks, even though I only get their decaf drip coffee…it is the yummiest! I do spurge for my birthday coupon and get something with a little flavor and cream!!!

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