Beach Vacation Survey

Right now, I’m on the road!!! I can not express how much I have been looking forward to fresh air, and getting out of St Louis. I always feel rejuvenated after our beach vacation, now I just have a few hours standing between me and the gulf 🙂

I saw this survey on mealsandmoves and thought it was a good one!

Current Book: I actually need some ideas for the beach! send you suggestions!

Current music: I just heard Dont Ya by Brett Eldredge. LOVE IT!

Current guilty pleasure: Starbucks 🙂


Current nail color:  I’m not sure the name, but I just got a pedicure with my mom, and they match my flowers 🙂


Current drink: good o’ water (after my starbucks….I did have a coupon though! haha)


Current food: This morning I had a big bowl of oats, now its time to decide what to do for lunch….


Current favorite show: I love Dancing with the Stars, sadly it just ended

dancing with the stars

Current wish list: travel with just me and Andrew out West, try crossfit, and volunteer with Andrew with animals

Current needs: To stop coughing, apparently I caught it from my nephew (who now has pneumonia….)

Current celebrity crush: I think you guys all know about this one….

channing tatum 2

Current indulgence:  besides starbucks, it is definitely ice cream


Current blessing: The ability to take a vacation with my whole family, and take 2 weeks off work


Current outfit:I don’t have a picture of me, but I am wearing this outfit


Current excitement: Leaving to go to the beach (and not head back to work till June 6th!)

Current mood: alittle under the weather (darn nephew. haha)

Current link: Oh my. I have a few. Youtube.  A few blogs I need to read: Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, and Fuelbylolz

Alrighty, time to get back to driving (haha just kidding)

Question for you:

What is one your “current”?

What book should I read while laying on the beach?

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