Guest Post: Kathleen from Katieen Pursuit

Another guest post from another favorite blogger of mine! Kathleen has THE BEST humor, and I am always laughing and smiling with her posts. Ilove her workouts, motivations, and determination. She gives me the self confidence that I can do it, I can take on the world! She  writes at KatieenPursuit, go check her out!
Hi friends!  I’m honored Kristen asked me to step-in to attempt to fill her shoes while she’s gone!   Kristen & I are both from St. Louis & share a passion for exercise, good eats & TRAVEL!  I myself have been super-lucky in my 31-years to see many corners of the world.  Since Kristen’s out & about galavanting I thought I’d fill you in on some of my favorite travels & memories from my life…
1985 — I was four (& probably about as sassy as any 4-year old should be allowed to act) & took my first trip I can remember, to San Antonio, TX to be the flower girl in my Aunt’s wedding.  It was also my 1st airplane ride & I thought I was super hot-stuff traveling high in the sky!  Note: I was probably just a jerk of a 4-year old hugging my cabbage patch doll & freaking about flying.
1989-1996 — These were some of the best Summer trips I can remember!  We packed up whatever sedan my Dad drove & hauled butt to my aunt’s cush house on Hilton Head Island, SC.  These were also the years where I started to develop awkward pre-teen crushes on whatever boys I would run into at the beach.  The most memorable of this stretch of trips was the Summer I met John Cougar Mellencamp rollerblading down our quite beach lane.  I remember shaking his hand in awe then promptly running to my journal & tracing my hand, only to write next to it “This is the hand that touched John’s, I’ll NEVER wash it again!”.  Ummmm…yea….I have washed my hands since then!


1993 — For my Great Aunt & Uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, they invited everyone down to Grand Cayman for a week.  I don’t know about you, if & when I celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary, I’m probably going to want to be on an island ALONE rather than with 35 of my relatives, please & thank you!  Being the super-cool 12-year old I was, I made a spreadsheet of all I would need to pack for my 1st “international voyage”.  I’ll spare you any awkward teen photos from this time period, picture a piece of spaghetti in a one-piece, with braces, yes, that was me!
1994 — My Mom surprised me for my 13th birthday to a trip to the Big Ol’ City…CHICAGO!  Ohhhh-weeee, just the mention of “Shopping in Chicago” had me feeling like a million bucks!  That’s where my true love for that city began.
1995 — On the way to “6th Grade Camp” in the middle of rural Missouri, someone opening the port-a-potty door on me while most of the entire rest of the class was standing by….that’s why this trip is memorable.  Well, that & the Sophomore mens camp counselor I had a super-crush on for 3 days!
1997 — Our 8th grade class took a Marine Biology trip to West Virginia.  I also deem this my “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret” trip…enough said.
1999 — Destin, FL Spring Break Trip with 4 of my closest girlfriends.  This trip was kind of a blur, I do recall a hotel room packed full of Heineken, Doritos & Boone’s Farm…you can take the girl out of Missouri, but you can’t take the Missouri out of the girl!
2001-2004 — Nassau, Bahama’s, numerous trips.  I was fortunate to attend college in Florida for a few years where I made a nice collection of friends who resided in the Caribbean (yes, real people live there).  Of course we used this as an excuse to island hop any chance we got.  13 of us crammed into someone’s friends/cousins/brothers/in-laws house for Spring Break one year.  This was a trip that involved lots of cigarette’s & mashed potatoes. I’ll leave it at that.
2001 — London, England, Paris, France & Bath, England.  A good friend was finishing a semester abroad so I hopped across the pond to help her end the term with a bang.  We galavanted around England & France for about 10 days.  At the tail end we were involved in a house fire in someone’s grandmothers home, we missed our flights home & met a really nice group of fireman.  There’s a LOT more to that story, I’ll spare you!
2007 — I did the craziest thing to date…I moved to China for a year to teach English.  WTF?!?  Yes, you read that right, I packed up & took my tall Caucasian self to a “small city” of 7 million Chinese people for a year.  It was interesting.  The 2-month hiatus I had between semesters proved more than enough time to travel to other cities in China.  Man oh man, that was both the most rewarding & toughest year of my life. You want to learn alot about yourself?  Move to a foreign country where you don’t know a soul for a year!  Hoorah!  ps.  I also came home with a boatload of good counterfeit swag!
2010-2013 — I started working for a company that required me to travel.  Chicago, New Orleans, San Diego, Denver, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, Orlando, Las Vegas, all of the major players.  Seeing all of these cities on my expense accounts dime was well worth the hard work that went into it.  There are far too many odds & ends throughout these trips to divulge…I’d probably get subpoenaed if I spilled the beans anyway.
Present Day — Effective this week, I am saying goodbye to my full-time job to pursue a career in Personal Training so will not get the option to travel as much for work.  I am not worried though, I seem to always work in a few fun trips throughout the year so I anticipate nothing less.
Travel in my mind is one of the greatest experiences in life, seeing the world is an awesome thing!
Kristen, hope you’re having a fab trip!  Thanks readers for listening to my rambles & memories!  What have been some of your favorite travel spots or memories?

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