Today, I am thankful for my son

I know that I might be a little bias, but I have a pretty amazing son. He makes me laugh. He loves to cuddle. And he could talk my ear off before the sun is up šŸ˜‰

169085_674865048248_3623415_n IMG_1030me and andrew

483338_10100326904413108_108056487_n PHONE PICTURES 006 IMG_0038

IMG_0051 IMG_1537 8335_587716065508_5843246_n

IMG_0743 IMG_1187 me and andrew

But most of all, I love when we lay in bed, too early to go downstairs, and just talk. We have no place to go. Nothing to think about. Just the two of us šŸ™‚


Question for you:

Who is someone you are thankful for?

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