Fence is up! Thanks to my family

The past few days have been pretty crazy.

The baby arrived on Friday morning! I just can’t describe how excited I am to have this little fella here. I wish I could share everything with you guys. Lets just say he is adorable!

Also, Andrew has been a great helper. I am so glad he such a good listener. Especially when we went to listen to live music at the St Louis zoo. I didn’t take many pictures (the baby is a handful) but we did get this one!

crazy picture at the zoo
crazy picture at the zoo

Andrew and my cousin/best friend

Friday night was a little restless, just because every time the baby moved, I woke up. Hopefully tonight I am more used to his bed being next to mine

Saturday morning started nice and early! The baby and I got up early and did laundry, had breakfast, and lots of coffee (for me). It was great to wake up to a smiley baby 🙂

And this is why we were up early…..


I can not tell you how appreciative I am of ALL my family coming over and helping put up the fence

P1070252 P1070254P1070255

We did have a few rain falls throughout the day, and they just kept trucking through

the results are AMAZING

P1070280 P1070278 P1070271



9 hours later. geez.

After two days of nonstop with the baby, Andrew, and the fence (on top of andrews baseball game, trips to homedepot, etc etc) I need a bit of a break. Time for bed!

Question for you:

What do you do when you first wake up?

Cinnamon cream cheese

I just have to share this SUPER easy recipe.

I was looking in the frig and looking for something sweet, but healthy. It was slim pickings.

Then I remembered that Tina at carrotsncake, made these. I didn’t have any laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese, so I made my own


Cinnamon Cream Cheese


-fat free cream cheese



-mix all together and enjoy!


You can either tip them in the cream cheese, or hollow out the middle of the strawberry and put the cream cheese in there!

So not a HUGE recipe discovery, but a delicious one!

Question for you:
What is your favorite simple recipe?

Diggin’ in the dirt

The past few days have been busy with the preparations for this weekend.

On Friday, Andrew and I will have a very special one year old staying with us for 6 days!

I am beyond exciting, and already have some of his things


This is only part of it haha. I forgot how much room babies take up


My dad and I also tore apart the backyard because this weekend we are putting up a fence

(and by WE I mean my brothers, dad, cousin, and a few of my parents neighbors)

We had to take down the fence, saw the other poles down, and pull up the rock

IMG_1943 IMG_1944 IMG_1945 IMG_1946

90 degree weather + a billion degree humidity….I got MIGHTY sweaty

The garage is also filled with stuff (I carried those 80lb bags. I make my OWN crossfit workouts haha)


But of course, I did find these beauties

IMG_1949 IMG_1958


Question for you:
Would you rather take care of a day old baby? or a teenager?

Diaper cake for twins!

This past Sunday, I attended my sister in laws baby shower for the twins!!!! She is having a boy AND a girl!!! I still can’t believe it

When I saw the diaper cakes on pinterest, I just knew I wanted to try this.


(who doesn’t need diapers!)

First I started with the bottom row, and just wrapped the diapers in a circle


I used tape to hold it all together and I taped it to a piece of cardboard that I cut in a circle

Next, I rolled the wash clothes and taped them to the sides, and added a bow around the whole thing


For the next row, I just repeated


This time, I used a blue blanket to decorate. I did a three layer cake. I then just started hanging the pacifiers, spoons, and other items in all the spaces. The top I wrapped with a towel for after the bathtub.


Almost finished! Just need to add a stuffed animal to the top, and it was all ready!

I got a big box of diapers from Sam’s and the other goodies from the dollar store. If you buy a diaper cake already made, you can spend over 100 bucks! Mine cost less than 1/2 of that, and it was super easy

Question for you:

What is your favorite gift to bring for a baby shower?

Have you made any crafts from pinterest?



Parties galore

Today, was just one of those days with lots on the calendar. Andrew and I started it off by cuddling, breakfast, and then a 1/2 hour of tennis at the park.

We didn’t have much time, before he went with my dad and the ladies of the family headed to my sister in laws baby shower

Did I mention she is having twins? One boy, and one girl? (probably a time or two haha)


There was a cupcake station, with all the pink and blue sprinkles you could imagine! (I was in heaven)


My nephew was there to help with the presents. he is going to be a big brother in just three months!

IMG_1918 IMG_1919And he says I make a goofy face haha


Our next get together, was for a ten year olds birthday party. They invited this guy.


He started with snakes…..


Then Andrew got to pet this guy…


And then had him on his head!!! haha



Finally, our day ended at Andrew’s baseball game. Where I enjoyed a nice glass of wine 😉

my friend chrissy pouring me a "glass"
my friend chrissy pouring me a “glass”

Well after that carb fun filled day, I am ready for bed. Yep, it is only 8:30 haha

Question for you:

Snakes, like or hate them?

How is your weekend?


Walking the field

A few nights ago, Andrew and I were able to walk the field with his baseball team. There were tons of kiddos from other teams, it was packed! We first walked underneath the stadium


I don’t remember the last time I have been down on the field. Probably when I was Andrew’s age!

IMG_1853 IMG_1855bIMG_1858 IMG_1861 IMG_1865 IMG_1870

After walking the field, we headed up to our seats. We actually sat in the section with his school.

IMG_1873 IMG_1877

We had a blast! But mostly the kiddos played, and the parents chatted.

some of the kiddos
some of the kiddos
some of the moms
some of the moms

But I had so much fun being out of the house, being with other parents, and seeing Andrew happy with his friends 🙂

Question for you:
Have you ever been on a major league field/court/rink before?

Least Favorite

What a whirlwind of a week. I thought summer was suppose to be relaxing?

Well after our “little visitor” last week, I had to have the whole house sprayed and fogged.

IMG_1847 IMG_1846 IMG_1845

I swear my house looked condemned haha

After all of that, I had to wash EVERYTHING.

Today was basically store, laundry, and bathroom cleaning day. Sounds SOOO exciting haha


Besides getting my house sprayed, and cleaning all day, I do have good things happening!

In a week I will have a one year old staying with me for 6 days! I can’t wait to have him, but I have to start getting the house ready. I work Friday, and then Andrew and I have a FULL weekend.

Tonight, Andrew and I are watching Monsters Inc, and going to bed early after a late night last night.

monsters inc

But I want to share this salad dressing recipe I have been using with the candied pecans.


I had to mix it in a large cup. Need to buy something to hold salad dressings in. (now its in a water bottle haha)

Question for you:
What is your LEAST favorite household chore?

-I HATE cleaning the bathrooms

What I Ate Wednesday: Cardinals game

Another What I Ate Wednesday, sort of a fail this week

Peas and Crayons

I completely forgot, got insanely busy, and didn’t eat much or anything exciting (until dinner!)

Breakfast: Same o’ eggs and bacon


Lunch: salad, with lots of extra candied pecans


(only had a few bites. had to get out of my house after the bug guys fogged my house. )

Snack: 2 string cheese and pepperoni while running to get the panels for my new fence 🙂 Thanks to my dad for helping!


He really is the best! (he is tying them down)

Dinner: Cheeseburger and some fries at the Cardinals game (more on that later)


Dessert: Ice cream when we got home from the Cardinals game


Now Im beat and have to clean ALL Day tomorrow 😦

Question for you:

What is something new you have eaten?

Pick one: peanuts, pecans, cashews, or macadamin nuts?

Amazing cake frosting

A few days ago, we celebrated Andrew’s 8th birthday with my family.

I swear every time we get together, we never leave before 8. So much to do and talk about, SO little time

For birthday’s we always have confetti cake, which started even when my brothers and I were little. And so it continues.…..

My work station haha


I kindof followed this recipe

Cake Frosting

-4 cups powdered sugar

-1/2 cup butter

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– 4 tbsp milk


1.) Beat butter until smooth

2.) Add vanilla

3.) On slow, add sugar

4.) Add milk, and beat till light and fluffy (5 minutes)

(the website said you can store this in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. when does icing last that long anyway? haha)

Not too bad


Nice and fluffy


Of course, we have to have lego candles 🙂


Question for you:

Do you have a tradition when it comes to birthdays?

Father’s Day/Birthday party

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I know Andrew and I are very proud of the men we have in our lives.

We started the day with the grocery store, and church. Followed by a few minutes at home, and a trip to visit Andrew’s dad.

But of course, I had to make Andrew’s cake, because we celebrated his birthday with my immediate family tonight as well. (it was a big night full of LOTS of food (even some doubles haha), presents, and cake!)

Andrew picked blue icing



There was also lots of wrestling


joking around…

IMG_1838 IMG_1839 IMG_1840

then time to open the father day gifts

IMG_1832 IMG_1834 IMG_1837

It really was a great day. I wish the rain would have stayed away, my parents and I were going to go on a bike ride.

I have so much to fill you on about weight lose, recipes, and health, I just can’t seem to get those posts out! haha. Oh well…some day

Question for you:

Did you celebrate Father’s Day?

lf you could choose, what color cake would you have?

-pink for me. such a girlie thing to say haha