Last week, I talked about what was going on with my life and some trouble I have been having. I think that it is good to talk about problems or issues we are having, because others might be going through something similar. We all need support, and I appreciate all the support people had for me

Now I want to share a few posts I found that definitely helped me!

    • Debra mentions that AHA moment. The time when you finally get it, you stop waiting for Monday, for your birthday, etc to finally make a change.
    • Anne had Theodora guest post about her weight lose story and finding her love for running
    • Tina talks about getting back into the workout groove
    • I also love janetha who mentions balancing life, but more about finding time to enjoy life


It might be 2013, but it still applies haha





Question for you:
What is your inspiration right now? A quote, a person, or just you 🙂

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