Favorites of Fort morgan 2013

For my last and final post for vacation (insert sad face), I wanted to share some of our favorites. Although, some might not make sense haha

  • favorite song (my son and nephew love this one)

  • Favorite song for the adult folk

  • Favorite books (thats right. I read two books on the trip. I didn’t sleep much haha)

Terra by gretchen powell

Terra (Terrestrials, #1)

(love this book~!)
And this one too!!!! requiem by lauren oliver

( I actually reviewed the first book of this series. here)

  • Favorite Snack

peanut butter M&MS

  • favorite drink

drinks in a bag

  • favorite breakfast

my brother made bread and buscuits from scratch. make an egg sandwich or make some bacon, and your set!

  • favorite saying (thanks to the kiddos):

thats weird. and AKKKWARDDD

  • favorite moment

the last night, we all headed to the beach for the sun set and saw this awesome fishing boat pass by


The family and I were able to make A MILLION memories. I really did miss them all when we came home. It was all too quiet, but don’t worry, we will see each other in a bout 10 days haha

3 thoughts on “Favorites of Fort morgan 2013”

  1. Darius Rucker lives in the neighborhood where I’m running tomorrow. He is from Charleston (hence, they overplay his songs here… they are great songs though!). It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time on vacation… I’ve seen those drinks in bags and it’s a cool idea for the beach. I haven’t tried them though, not really a drinker…

  2. Sounds like a great time all around! Vacations are awesome…just enough time to get away, get along, then be back to the grind somewhat refreshed…bad are the vacations that are planned for just a few days too long, when everyone’s had enough! Been there, done that!

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