Happy Birthday Andrew!

Today, was Andrew’s 8th birthday! And although, he didn’t come home till 2pm we still had a great time!

It started with balloons



IMG_1749 IMG_1750

putting together legos


and of course cupcake


I can’t believe he is 8! I teared up a few times and just can’t get over how fast time has flown.

andrew1 196353_504008572396_6386_n

Question for you:

Cupcakes, cake, or ice cream?

-Me? I love em all!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Andrew!”

  1. Happy Birthday Andrew! It looks like he had a fun day- and cupcakes are awesome, I would rather have them than a regular cake too. It’s like portion control and it just tastes better, no need to have a huge cake for a few people. Love the throwback pics too.

  2. Happy Birthday, Little Guy! I’m ice cream…all the way! Time does fly…my youngest will be 8 in July…can’t believe it either!

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