Sweat + dirt + more sweat

I am not really sure what has gotten into me. After, a much needed, break down a week ago to my cousin, I have started to really get back in the swing of things. Eating healthy and working out. Also, I am getting more sleep and trying to relax (bring on the zen! haha)

Well, today I woke up and headed to the gym. I wanted to take my typical tuesday class, unfortuantly it wasn’t till 10. OH well. I still did some weights and the elliptical.   Which is my new best friend!


After that, my dad and I went on a bike ride. We got him a new bike for Christmas, and after taking him to get fitted yesterday, it was time to get going!.

I love that our family is becoming more active!

Then you insert three hours of yard work in 90 degree weather


I swear I got sweaty. sweaty. then sweaty and dirty haha

It was nassstttyyy. But I KNOW I am going to feel it tomorrow! Now it is time to hit the hay! NIGHT~!

Question for you:
How is your summer going?

What is something active you have done lately?

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